Here you will find some of my all time favourite movies and TV shows. Some of these movies and TV shows are the major reasons that motivated me to become a filmmaker. I keep updating the list, because I have watched a lot – a lot, trust me and I can’t remember all of them! Browse through the list below, who knows, may be you can also get inspired! Feel free to suggest movies and TV shows in the comments section below.

1Agatha Christie's PoirotCrime, Drama, Mystery 8.5
2American Horror StoryDrama, Horror, Thriller8.2
3ArcherAnimation, Action, Comedy8.8
4Arrested DevelopmentComedy9
5Bates MotelDrama, Horror, Mystery8.1
6Better Off TedComedy8.2
7Black MirrorDrama, Sci-Fi, Thriller 8.8
8BloodlineDrama, Thriller 8.3
9BroadchurchCrime, Drama, Mystery 8.4
10Brooklyn Nine-NineComedy, Crime8.3
11Call the MidwifeDrama8.4
12CosmosDocumentary 9.3
13Criminal MindsCrime, Drama, Mystery 8.2
14DaredevilAction, Adventure, Crime8.8
15DexterCrime, Drama, Mystery 8.8
16Downtown AbbeyDrama, Romance8.7
17ElementaryCrime, Drama, Mystery 7.9
18Family guyAnimation, Comedy8.3
19FargoCrime, Drama, Thriller 9
20Freeks and GeeksComedy, Drama 8.9
21GothamAction, Crime, Drama8
22HannibalCrime, Drama, Horror 8.6
23Happey ValleyCrime, Drama8.5
24HinterlandCrime, Drama, Mystery 7.6
25House M.D.Drama, Mystery8.8
26House of CardsDrama9
27How I Met Your MotherComedy, Romance8.4
28How to Get Away with MurderCrime, Drama, Mystery 8.3
29Jessica JonesAction, Crime, Drama8.3
30Lie to MeCrime, Drama, Mystery 8
31LilyhammerComedy, Crime, Drama8.1
32LutherCrime, Drama, Mystery 8.6
33MarcellaCrime, Drama, Thriller 7.4
34Miss Fisher's Murder MysteriesCrime, Drama, Mystery 8.4
35Modern FamilyComedy, Romance8.5
36NarcosBiography, Crime, Drama8.9
37PsychComedy, Crime, Mystery8.4
38RiverCrime, Drama8.2
39Rosemary & ThymeCrime, Drama, Mystery7.7
40SherlockCrime, Drama, Mystery 9.2
41South ParkAnimation, Comedy8.7
42Stranger ThingsDrama, Horror, Mystery 9
43SuitsComedy, Drama 8.7
44Superhuman Samurai Syber-SquadAnimation, Action, Family7
45The BlacklistCrime, Drama, Mystery 8.2
46The Blethchley CircleCrime, Drama, Mystery8
47The BridgeCrime, Drama, Thriller 8.6
48The FallCrime, Drama, Thriller 8.2
49The FollowingCrime, Drama, Mystery 7.5
50The GoldbergsComedy8.1
51The Killing (Danish)Crime, Drama, Mystery 8.4
52The Killing (English)Crime, Drama, Mystery 8.2
53The MentalistCrime, Drama, Mystery 8.1
54The MissingCrime, Drama, Mystery 8.1
55The New Batman AdventuresAnimation, Action, Adventure8.5
56The OfficeComedy8.8
57Top GearComedy, Talk-show8.7
58Top of the LakeCrime, Drama, Mystery 7.6
59True DetectiveCrime, Drama, Mystery9.1
60Twin PeaksCrime, Drama, Mystery8.9
61VeraCrime, Drama, Mystery7.8
62WallanderCrime, Drama, Mystery 7.9
63White CollarComedy, Crime, Drama8.3
64Wire in the BloodCrime, Drama, Mystery8.4
65X-FilesDrama, Mystery, Sci-Fi8.7
(The above list is in no particular order)

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